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Believing in God’s Word and Spirit

St. Mary’s Missionary Baptist Church was started from a free will prayer house, beginning September 2, 1929, founded and led by the Rev. R.D. Cooper. The final Organizing was by the official staff of the Berean Association, Rev. Carter Moderator, Rev John O. Adams Section, on the 22nd of June 1930. The church was seen in a vision by the pastor’s wife the Sis. Rosa Bell Cooper, she told this to him and I quote “sitting on the front porch rocking their little girl”, she closed her eyes; the Lord showed her people as so many baby chickens covering the ground. As she began to realize what was happening she spoke out loud too her husband, and I quote “who said there was a church on a street at the time of the vision.” Over the years there have only been 4 pastors at St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church. The late Pastor R. D. Cooper (1930-1967), The late Pastor Isaiah Reynolds (1968-1995), Pastor Elijah Gregory (1997-2005), and Pastor Lawrence F. Baker(2006-Present). Pastor Baker has many secular accolades, the most important thing about our pastor is that he is a Man of God.
His Motto is “Leading By Example”. We pray Pastor Baker will continue to lead us in the right path.